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The following is information provided before the relaunch of Skylark Online as the home-base of the Skylark Network.
Skylark Online is the personal website for Matthew Keys, an 18-year-old military dependent in El Paso, Texas.  Graduating in spring of 2005, Keys is attempting to chronicle daily events through blogs and photo albums.  This website provides him with easier capability of accomplishing this goal.
How To Navigate Through Skylark Online
On the left side of every page throughout Skylark Online is a series of links [collectively called the "Navvy Bar", short for navigation bar].  What chapters are to a book is what the Navvy Bar is to Skylark Online.  Clicking a link on the Navvy Bar will take you to a certain "chapter" of Skylark Online.
Home will take you to the home page of Skylark Online.
Biography will take you to the biography page of Matthew Keys.
Compilations will take you to the latest compilations to come out of a music team which Keys is a part of, Team Skylark.  Music is constantly being added, and compilation lists for CDs include original mixes.
Shutterbugs is a page mirrored off "The Chapin Chronicle", the newspaper of the school Keys attends.  Here, you'll find photos that are constantly being added.
Outside Pages provides you with links to websites of general interest.
Contact Information provides you with information on how to contact Skylark Online.
Skylark Online is best viewed using a 1024x768 screen resolution on Microsoft's Windows XP operating system or 800x600 screen resolution for Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system.  Windows users should view this page using Mozilla Firefox [use the link in the header to get the latest copy].  Mac OS X users should view this page using Safari.  Pop-up blocking software should be turned off if viewing the Shutterbugs pages, since pictures will appear in a new window when clicked.  Photo filters will need to be deactivated in order to view this page correctly.

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