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Various little outside pages...
It's great to have a website of my own, but it's no fun to work on it 24/7.  The following are pages that I find enjoyable, funny or intellectually thought-provoking.  There's also a few links here to really dumb stuff (things that prove that part of the world is ignorant) or stuff that infuriates me.  I provide those to open the door of free thought to those of you who seek out that kinda stuff.
Though some of these pages offer us some fun, there are also pages that are placed here meant to inspire and promote tolerance, acceptance and embrace differences.  The Internet is a huge media of information, and among the games, videos and music offered, sometimes we miss the sites that could change our lives and inspire us to be better people.  Mixed with the personal opinions pages are pages that could change your life.

Blogs, Journals & Personal Sites
On The Road with John Mayer (coming soon)
Howie Day Road Diaries (coming soon)
Switchfoot On Tour (coming soon)
Stonewall Democrats (coming soon)
That "Thought Provoking" Stuff
Things that are put here either made me think hard...or just pissed me off.  I'll let you figure out which is which.  I don't want to come out and say which was which, because I want you to be able to formulate your own opinions.
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KDBC El Paso (CBS-4)
KVIA El Paso (ABC-7)
KTSM El Paso (NBC-9)
KOB-TV Albuquerque (NBC-4) KOBR Roswell 8, KOBF Farmington 12, KOBS Silver City 28
KVUE Austin (ABC-7)
New York Broadcasters
WRGB Albany (CBS-6)

DISCLAIMER:  Skylark Online takes no responsibility for content on outside pages.  Please realise before linking that content may contain suggestive and opinionated material that could be considered even slightly offensive to some.  Skylark Online does not warrant or endorse any particular website.  The website links are provided for visitors to view other perspectives and ideas on various topics, some controversial.  Personal weblogs and webpages are ever-changing; be advised that content on these pages could be offensive or suggestive and should not be viewed by anyone easily offended.  Furthur clarification points and questions can be e-mailed to the address below.

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