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New pictures!  Click on an image below and it'll pop up in a new window, like magic, as a full image.  Images are credited!


That'd be me, the guy in the green with the whacked-out hair, playing music before our rehearsal begins...setting the mood, or trying to at least.


This was one of the first pictures I took on campus.  The building on the left is the main school and the building on the right is the Fine Arts Building.


Theresa Mantiply, laying on a ledge outside the light booth glass windows.  Now, if I could lay like that and fit...that'd be a miracle.


No, Whitney Long and Theresa are not special--they're flying!  Right, if they just keep saying that, it might come true...


From left to right, we've got Tia Gonzales, Adrian "Metro" Bermudez and Stephanie Mangum.  They're extras and "friends" in the play.  Metro has two lines, I think, overall.


Jennifer Jackson wants to know:  "How do you like my broomstick?"


"Would you like soup or salad?"  No, that's not part of the play, but this scene between Chris Estarelles and Sara Stroud at rehearsal reminded me of that.  In actuality, Chris is a character named "Bryan" and Sara plays a doctor.


Three of the greatest people in the world helped me celebrate my birthday:  From right to left, we've got Melly R., Alex H. and my favorite guy in the world, Oscar P.


I guess I forgot to put a credit on this one.  Anyway, I'm tweaking some sound board settings here.  If you click on this one to open it, be warned--it's a big picture.

An update of the photo album is coming soon, with more rehearsal pics and others.  E-mail with requests:

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